Aditya Birla Power Composites Limited a joint (JV) between Grasim Industries Limited and Maschinefabrick Reinhausen Gmbh (MR), Germany
Aditya Birla Power Composites Limited, a Joint Venture between Grasim Industries Limited, India and Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR), Germany



Over the years we have utilized our resources in developing products, services and solutions that steer innovation towards building a sustainable future. Bringing together the global experiences of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) and Grasim Industries Ltd. we have developed ground-breaking insulation solutions that are safer, cost-effective and sustainable for a better future.


Combination of well-proven ceramic technology with HTV-Extrusion technology and HTV-Injection of the Joint Venture

Hybrid Post Insulators are premium products applied in HVDC converter stations, UHV substations and FACTS. They combine the advantages of well proven conventional ceramic technology with the ones of polymer technology, e.g. hydrophobicity transfer effect, high pollution resistance and vandalism proof. The relevant product standard is IEC 62896.

  • Stack design
  • Any voltage level possible by multiple unit design
  • Low deflection - high strength
  • Best pollution performance


Foam or gas filled portfolio

Together with the corrosion resistant flanges and the tracking/erosion resistant silicone housing the Post Insulator fulfil all quality requirements of today’s power grids. To avoid any accumulation of moisture inside the tube the insulators are filled with a reliable foam or gas. This design allows for the combination of extremely light weight and high cantilever strength. Each Post Insulator can be designed and ordered to meet the stiffness of specific porcelain types according to IEC 60273 or ANSI C29.19 numbers and to cover the customer specific needs.

  • All voltages ranges up to 1.100kV in an one piece design
  • Eco-friendly nitrogen gas- or solid foam-filled solution available
  • Real time monitoring equipment available for high end quality demand
  • Low weight design to save cost and allow for a smart apparatus design
  • Adaptable shed profiles for EHV- and UHV-DC-application
  • In house design department for field calculation and simulation
  • Non magnetic FRP flanges available


Data transmission through the insulator for the digitization of substations

The integrated fiber-optic cables can be used for instrument transformers, post insulators and bushings to transmit measurement and optical signals between high-voltage potential and ground. The new integrated solution simplifies assembly and makes it safer. There are options of either passing the optical fiber through the hollow insulator with filler material or embedding it between the FRP tube and the silicone.

  • Individual fibers for different application available
  • Connectors based on customer requirements
  • Hollow core design and gel or gas filled versions
  • Fiber unit up to 24 single fibers


Further optimization of PASS bushings as a compact design

With the application of existing Field Grading-Technology the PASS+ Bushing Designs can be further reduced in diameter with more aesthetic design.

  • Field Grading
  • Higher Compactness
  • Less visual impact
  • New design options for Circuit Breaker
  • Cost advantage/ Cost-effective


Compact, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing Overhead Transmission Lines

Extensive grid expansions and upgrades are required worldwide to enable the necessary transformation to renewable energy. Within the Composite Pylon project we are developing compact, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and aesthetically appealing power pylons. These are intended to accelerate the necessary grid restructuring and thus contribute to the realization of global climate targets.

  • Integration of functions: bearing of the conductor loads and electrical insulation
  • Conductors are directly attached to the cross arms, no long-rod insulators needed
  • Made from standard materials for composite insulators
  • Optimized design for high static and dynamic loads
  • Long life time, less maintenance required